Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Cards

We just received The Simplifiers holiday cards in the mail. It was so fun to see as they purchased the design from our new Etsy storefront at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/theinvitingpear. We customized the design slightly by including The Simplifiers wording and logo.

Did the holidays sneak up on you this year? If you ran out of time and didn't get your holiday cards in the mail, consider purchasing one from us and customizing it to say "Happy New Year's!". Or contact us if you'd like a custom-designed card. We'd love to help you out. It's fun to send at least one piece of snail mail every year (although, we encourage you to send lots more...isn't it nice to get a real note in the mail rather than another bill?!).

Happy holidays to all!

Design by The Inviting Pear

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Posted by invitingpear at 11:52 AM


  1. Blogger Mary posted at 4:30 PM  
    We love, love, LOVED our holiday card design from The Inviting Pear...thanks gals.

    They are so perfect for our branding, so easy to order and print. We sent out 150 with a personal note to our very favorite vendors, clients and friends, all handwritten.

    Martinis for everyone!

    Mary Baird-Wilcock
    The Simplifiers: Event Planning + Personal Concierge

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