Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A font by any other name...

Let's face it...the selection of fonts sets the tone of your invitation. A font can make an invitation romantic, casual or whimsical. I'm often asked which fonts are my favorites. Without further ado, these are my go-to fonts.

Formal Script: Bickham Script, Sloop Script Two, Diplomat
Casual Script: Cezanne, Adios Script, Scriptina
Block: Mrs Eaves Petite Caps, Trajan Pro, Chisel
Casual/Modern Block: Futura, Cochin, Trade Gothic

Not sure how your name is going to look in a certain font? Get MW Fonts software (you can upload it for free). The software lets you type in whatever you want and see it in all the fonts that are uploaded on your computer!

My favorite font sites: (free)

Happy font searching!

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